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ZooKeeper 3.2.2 Release Notes

These release notes include new developer and user facing incompatibilities, features, and major improvements.

Note that there is a user visible semantic change to an existing API in the 3.2.0 release: ZOOKEEPER-444 "perms definition for PERMS_ALL differ in C and java", a bug fix which required a change to the JAVA definition of ALL to include ADMIN.

See 3.0 release notes and migration instructions if you are upgrading from version 2 of ZooKeeper (SourceForge) to version 3 or later.

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.2.1

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.2.1
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.2.1
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-582ZooKeeper can revert to old data when a snapshot is created outside of normal processing
ZOOKEEPER-562c client can flood server with pings if tcp send queue filled
ZOOKEEPER-538zookeeper.async causes python to segfault
ZOOKEEPER-547Sanity check in QuorumCnxn Manager and quorum communication port.
ZOOKEEPER-420build/test should not require install in zkpython
ZOOKEEPER-576docs need to be updated for session moved exception and how to handle it
ZOOKEEPER-554zkpython can segfault when statting a deleted node
ZOOKEEPER-541zkpython limited to 256 handles
ZOOKEEPER-510zkpython lumps all exceptions as IOError, needs specialized exceptions for KeeperException types
ZOOKEEPER-540zkpython needs better tracking of handle validity
ZOOKEEPER-585Update README for zkpython in 3.2.2
ZOOKEEPER-597ASyncHammerTest is failing intermittently on hudson trunk.
ZOOKEEPER-611hudson build failiure.