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ZooKeeper 3.3.2 Release Notes

These release notes include new developer and user facing incompatibilities, features, and major improvements.

See 3.0 release notes and migration instructions if you are upgrading from version 2 of ZooKeeper (SourceForge) to version 3 or later.

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.1

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.1
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.1
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-732 Improper translation of error into Python exception - Release Comment: Client that uses python binding may receive SystemError on session expiration.
ZOOKEEPER-772 zkpython segfaults when watcher from async get children is invoked.
ZOOKEEPER-783 committedLog in ZKDatabase is not properly synchronized
ZOOKEEPER-785 Zookeeper 3.3.1 shouldn't infinite loop if someone creates a server.0 line
ZOOKEEPER-787 groupId in deployed pom is wrong
ZOOKEEPER-790 Last processed zxid set prematurely while establishing leadership
ZOOKEEPER-792 zkpython memory leak
ZOOKEEPER-794 Callbacks are not invoked when the client is closed
ZOOKEEPER-795 eventThread isn't shutdown after a connection "session expired" event coming
ZOOKEEPER-800 zoo_add_auth returns ZOK if zookeeper handle is in ZOO_CLOSED_STATE
ZOOKEEPER-804 c unit tests failing due to "assertion cptr failed"
ZOOKEEPER-813 maven install is broken due to incorrect organisation
ZOOKEEPER-820 update c unit tests to ensure "zombie" java server processes don't cause failure
ZOOKEEPER-822 Leader election taking a long time to complete
ZOOKEEPER-844 handle auth failure in java client
ZOOKEEPER-846 zookeeper client doesn't shut down cleanly on the close call
ZOOKEEPER-855 clientPortBindAddress should be clientPortAddress
ZOOKEEPER-867 ClientTest is failing on hudson - fd cleanup
ZOOKEEPER-881 ZooKeeperServer.loadData loads database twice
ZOOKEEPER-888 c-client / zkpython: Double free corruption on node watcher
ZOOKEEPER-893 ZooKeeper high cpu usage when invalid requests
ZOOKEEPER-897 C Client seg faults during close
ZOOKEEPER-898 C Client might not cleanup correctly during close
ZOOKEEPER-904 super digest is not actually acting as a full superuser
ZOOKEEPER-907 Spurious "KeeperErrorCode = Session moved" messages
ZOOKEEPER-789 Improve FLE log messages