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ZooKeeper 3.3.6 Release Notes

These release notes include new developer and user facing incompatibilities, features, and major improvements.

See 3.0 release notes and migration instructions if you are upgrading from version 2 of ZooKeeper (SourceForge) to version 3 or later.

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.5

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.5
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.5
Issue Notes
[ZOOKEEPER-1048] addauth command does not work in cli_mt/cli_st
[ZOOKEEPER-1163] Memory leak in zk_hashtable.c:do_insert_watcher_object()
[ZOOKEEPER-1210] Can't build ZooKeeper RPM with RPM >= 4.6.0 (i.e. on RHEL 6 and Fedora >= 10)
[ZOOKEEPER-1305] zookeeper.c:prepend_string func can dereference null ptr
[ZOOKEEPER-1318] In Python binding, get_children (and get and exists, and probably others) with expired session doesn't raise exception properly
[ZOOKEEPER-1339] C clien doesn't build with --enable-debug
[ZOOKEEPER-1395] node-watcher double-free redux
[ZOOKEEPER-1403] zkCli.sh script quoting issue
[ZOOKEEPER-1431] zkpython: async calls leak memory
[ZOOKEEPER-1466] QuorumCnxManager.shutdown missing synchronization
[ZOOKEEPER-1489] Data loss after truncate on transaction log
[ZOOKEEPER-1493] C Client: zookeeper_process doesn't invoke completion callback if zookeeper_close has been called
[ZOOKEEPER-1521] LearnerHandler initLimit/syncLimit problems specifying follower socket timeout limits
[ZOOKEEPER-1433] improve ZxidRolloverTest (test seems flakey)
[ZOOKEEPER-1454] Document how to run autoreconf if cppunit is installed in a non-standard directory
[ZOOKEEPER-1450] Backport ZOOKEEPER-1294 fix to 3.4 and 3.3