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public static interface AsyncCallback.MultiCallback
extends AsyncCallback

This callback is used to process the multiple results from a single multi call. See ZooKeeper.multi(java.lang.Iterable) for more information.


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Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.apache.zookeeper.AsyncCallback
AsyncCallback.ACLCallback, AsyncCallback.Children2Callback, AsyncCallback.ChildrenCallback, AsyncCallback.DataCallback, AsyncCallback.MultiCallback, AsyncCallback.StatCallback, AsyncCallback.StringCallback, AsyncCallback.VoidCallback
Method Summary
 void processResult(int rc, String path, Object ctx, List<org.apache.zookeeper.OpResult> opResults)
          Process the result of the asynchronous call.

Method Detail


void processResult(int rc,
                   String path,
                   Object ctx,
                   List<org.apache.zookeeper.OpResult> opResults)
Process the result of the asynchronous call.

On success, rc is KeeperException.Code.OK. All opResults are non-OpResult.ErrorResult,

On failure, rc is a failure code in KeeperException.Code. All opResults are OpResult.ErrorResult. All operations will be rollback-ed even if operations before the failing one were successful.

rc - The return code or the result of the call.
path - The path that we passed to asynchronous calls.
ctx - Whatever context object that we passed to asynchronous calls.
opResults - The list of results. One result for each operation, and the order matches that of input.

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