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public static interface AsyncCallback.StringCallback
extends AsyncCallback

This callback is used to retrieve the name of the node.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.apache.zookeeper.AsyncCallback
AsyncCallback.ACLCallback, AsyncCallback.Children2Callback, AsyncCallback.ChildrenCallback, AsyncCallback.DataCallback, AsyncCallback.MultiCallback, AsyncCallback.StatCallback, AsyncCallback.StringCallback, AsyncCallback.VoidCallback
Method Summary
 void processResult(int rc, String path, Object ctx, String name)
          Process the result of the asynchronous call.

Method Detail


void processResult(int rc,
                   String path,
                   Object ctx,
                   String name)
Process the result of the asynchronous call.

On success, rc is KeeperException.Code.OK.

On failure, rc is set to the corresponding failure code in KeeperException.

rc - The return code or the result of the call.
path - The path that we passed to asynchronous calls.
ctx - Whatever context object that we passed to asynchronous calls.
name - The name of the Znode that was created. On success, name and path are usually equal, unless a sequential node has been created.

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