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ZooKeeper 3.4.5 Release Notes

These release notes include new developer and user facing incompatibilities, features, and major improvements.

Changes Since 3.4.4

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.4
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.4
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-1550 ZooKeeperSaslClient does not finish anonymous login on OpenJDK
ZOOKEEPER-1376 zkServer.sh does not correctly check for $SERVER_JVMFLAGS

Changes Since 3.4.3

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.3
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.3
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-1496 Ephemeral node not getting cleared even after client has exited
ZOOKEEPER-1048 addauth command does not work in cli_mt/cli_st
ZOOKEEPER-1163 Memory leak in zk_hashtable.c:do_insert_watcher_object()
ZOOKEEPER-1210 Can't build ZooKeeper RPM with RPM >
ZOOKEEPER-1236 Security uses proprietary Sun APIs
ZOOKEEPER-1256 ClientPortBindTest is failing on Mac OS X
ZOOKEEPER-1277 servers stop serving when lower 32bits of zxid roll over
ZOOKEEPER-1307 zkCli.sh is exiting when an Invalid ACL exception is thrown from setACL command through client
ZOOKEEPER-1318 In Python binding, get_children (and get and exists, and probably others) with expired session doesn't raise exception properly
ZOOKEEPER-1339 C clien doesn't build with --enable-debug
ZOOKEEPER-1344 ZooKeeper client multi-update command is not considering the Chroot request
ZOOKEEPER-1354 AuthTest.testBadAuthThenSendOtherCommands fails intermittently
ZOOKEEPER-1361 Leader.lead iterates over 'learners' set without proper synchronisation
ZOOKEEPER-1380 zkperl: _zk_release_watch doesn't remove items properly from the watch list
ZOOKEEPER-1384 test-cppunit overrides LD_LIBRARY_PATH and fails if gcc is in non-standard location
ZOOKEEPER-1386 avoid flaky URL redirection in "ant javadoc" : replace "http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/" with "http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/"
ZOOKEEPER-1395 node-watcher double-free redux
ZOOKEEPER-1403 zkCli.sh script quoting issue
ZOOKEEPER-1406 dpkg init scripts don't restart - missing check_priv_sep_dir
ZOOKEEPER-1412 java client watches inconsistently triggered on reconnect
ZOOKEEPER-1419 Leader election never settles for a 5-node cluster
ZOOKEEPER-1427 Writing to local files is done non-atomically
ZOOKEEPER-1431 zkpython: async calls leak memory
ZOOKEEPER-1437 Client uses session before SASL authentication complete
ZOOKEEPER-1463 external inline function is not compatible with C99
ZOOKEEPER-1465 Cluster availability following new leader election takes a long time with large datasets - is correlated to dataset size
ZOOKEEPER-1466 QuorumCnxManager.shutdown missing synchronization
ZOOKEEPER-1471 Jute generates invalid C++ code
ZOOKEEPER-1480 ClientCnxn(1161) can't get the current zk server add, so that - Session 0x for server null, unexpected error
ZOOKEEPER-1483 Fix leader election recipe documentation
ZOOKEEPER-1489 Data loss after truncate on transaction log
ZOOKEEPER-1490 If the configured log directory does not exist zookeeper will not start. Better to create the directory and start
ZOOKEEPER-1493 C Client: zookeeper_process doesn't invoke completion callback if zookeeper_close has been called
ZOOKEEPER-1494 C client: socket leak after receive timeout in zookeeper_interest()
ZOOKEEPER-1496 Ephemeral node not getting cleared even after client has exited
ZOOKEEPER-1501 Nagios plugin always returns OK when it cannot connect to zookeeper
ZOOKEEPER-1514 FastLeaderElection - leader ignores the round information when joining a quorum
ZOOKEEPER-1521 LearnerHandler initLimit/syncLimit problems specifying follower socket timeout limits
ZOOKEEPER-1522 intermittent failures in Zab test due to NPE in recursiveDelete test function
ZOOKEEPER-1536 c client : memory leak in winport.c
ZOOKEEPER-1321 Add number of client connections metric in JMX and srvr
ZOOKEEPER-1377 add support for dumping a snapshot file content (similar to LogFormatter)
ZOOKEEPER-1389 it would be nice if start-foreground used exec $JAVA in order to get rid of the intermediate shell process
ZOOKEEPER-1390 some expensive debug code not protected by a check for debug
ZOOKEEPER-1433 improve ZxidRolloverTest (test seems flakey)
ZOOKEEPER-1454 Document how to run autoreconf if cppunit is installed in a non-standard directory
ZOOKEEPER-1481 allow the C cli to run exists with a watcher
ZOOKEEPER-1497 Allow server-side SASL login with JAAS configuration to be programmatically set (rather than only by reading JAAS configuration file)
ZOOKEEPER-1503 remove redundant JAAS configuration code in SaslAuthTest and SaslAuthFailTest
ZOOKEEPER-1510 Should not log SASL errors for non-secure usage
ZOOKEEPER-1450 Backport ZOOKEEPER-1294 fix to 3.4 and 3.3

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.2

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.2
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.2
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-1089 zkServer.sh status does not work due to invalid option of nc.
ZOOKEEPER-1345 Add a .gitignore file with general exclusions and Eclipse project files excluded.
ZOOKEEPER-1343 getEpochToPropose should check if lastAcceptedEpoch is greater or equal than epoch.
ZOOKEEPER-850 replaces log4j with slf4j code (also in contrib for bookkeeper, zooinspector, rest,loggraph), added slf4j dependencies into several ivy.xml files. You must add slf4j-api-1.6.1.jar and slf4j-log4j12-1.6.1.jar (bridge from sl4j to log4j) to the classpath, if not using the standard scripts. log4j remains as the final logger yet, there is still work to do: remove programmatic access to the log4j api from certain classes (which add appenders or configure log4j at runtime), or move them to contrib
ZOOKEEPER-1358 In StaticHostProviderTest.java, testNextDoesNotSleepForZero tests that hostProvider.next(0) doesn't sleep by checking that the latency of this call is less than 10sec
ZOOKEEPER-1351 Invalid test verification in MultiTransactionTest.
ZOOKEEPER-973 bind() could fail on Leader because it does not setReuseAddress on its ServerSocket.
ZOOKEEPER-1367 Data inconsistencies and unexpired ephemeral nodes after cluster restart.
ZOOKEEPER-1353 C client test suite fails consistently.
ZOOKEEPER-1373 Hardcoded SASL login context name clashes with Hadoop security configuration override.
ZOOKEEPER-1352 server.InvalidSnapshotTest is using connection timeouts that are too short.
ZOOKEEPER-1336 javadoc for multi is confusing, references functionality that doesn't seem to exis
ZOOKEEPER-1340 multi problem - typical user operations are generating ERROR level messages in the server.
ZOOKEEPER-1374 C client multi-threaded test suite fails to compile on ARM architectures.
ZOOKEEPER-1337 multi's "Transaction" class is missing tests.
ZOOKEEPER-1338 class cast exceptions may be thrown by multi ErrorResult class (invalid equals)
ZOOKEEPER-1322 Cleanup/fix logging in Quorum code.
ZOOKEEPER-1327 There are still remnants of hadoop urls.

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.1

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.1
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.1
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-1333 NPE in FileTxnSnapLog when restarting a cluster.
ZOOKEEPER-1323 c client doesn't compile on freebsd

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.0

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.0
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.4.0
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-1311 ZooKeeper test jar is broken
ZOOKEEPER-1305 zookeeper.c:prepend_string func can dereference null ptr
ZOOKEEPER-1316 zookeeper_init leaks memory if chroot is just '/'
ZOOKEEPER-1315 zookeeper_init always reports sessionPasswd=hidden
ZOOKEEPER-1317 Possible segfault in zookeeper_init.
ZOOKEEPER-1319 Missing data after restarting+expanding a cluster.
ZOOKEEPER-1269 Multi deserialization issues.

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.0

Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.0
Changes Since ZooKeeper 3.3.0
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-1239 add logging/stats to identify fsync stalls.
ZOOKEEPER-1208 Ephemeral node not removed after the client session is long gone.
ZOOKEEPER-784 server-side functionality for read-only mode. This is not thoroughly tested. Avoid using it in production. This is also at risk of being removed from the feature set later.
ZOOKEEPER-798 Fixup loggraph for FLE changes
ZOOKEEPER-839 deleteRecursive does not belong to the other methods
ZOOKEEPER-908 Remove code duplication and inconsistent naming in ClientCnxn.Packet creation
ZOOKEEPER-909 Extract NIO specific code from ClientCnxn
ZOOKEEPER-966 Client side for multi
ZOOKEEPER-967 Server side decoding and function dispatch
ZOOKEEPER-968 Database multi-update
ZOOKEEPER-1042 Generate zookeeper test jar for maven installation
ZOOKEEPER-1081 modify leader/follower code to correctly deal with new leader
ZOOKEEPER-1082 modify leader election to correctly take into account current epoch
ZOOKEEPER-1150 fix for this patch to compile on windows...
ZOOKEEPER-1160 test timeouts are too small
ZOOKEEPER-1201 Clean SaslServerCallbackHandler.java
Bug Fixes
ZOOKEEPER-1268 problems with read only mode, intermittent test failures and ERRORs in the log.
ZOOKEEPER-1271 testEarlyLeaderAbandonment failing on solaris - clients not retrying connection.
ZOOKEEPER-1192 Leader.waitForEpochAck() checks waitingForNewEpoch instead of checking electionFinished.
ZOOKEEPER-1246 Dead code in PrepRequestProcessor catch Exception block.
ZOOKEEPER-1264 FollowerResyncConcurrencyTest failing intermittently.
ZOOKEEPER-1270 testEarlyLeaderAbandonment failing intermittently, quorum formed, no serving.
ZOOKEEPER-1291 AcceptedEpoch not updated at leader before it proposes the epoch to followers.
ZOOKEEPER-1282 Learner.java not following Zab 1.0 protocol - setCurrentEpoch should be done upon receipt of NEWLEADER (before acking it) and not upon receipt of UPTODATE.
ZOOKEEPER-335 zookeeper servers should commit the new leader txn to their logs.
ZOOKEEPER-418 Need nifty zookeeper browser
ZOOKEEPER-603 zkpython should do a better job of freeing memory under error conditions
ZOOKEEPER-662 Too many CLOSE_WAIT socket state on a server
ZOOKEEPER-690 AsyncTestHammer test fails on hudson.
ZOOKEEPER-719 Add throttling to BookKeeper client
ZOOKEEPER-720 Use zookeeper-{version}-sources.jar instead of zookeeper-{version}-src.jar to publish sources in the Maven repository
ZOOKEEPER-722 zkServer.sh uses sh's builtin echo on BSD, behaves incorrectly.
ZOOKEEPER-731 Zookeeper#delete , #create - async versions miss a verb in the javadoc
ZOOKEEPER-734 QuorumPeerTestBase.java and ZooKeeperServerMainTest.java do not handle windows path correctly
ZOOKEEPER-735 cppunit test testipv6 assumes that the machine is ipv6 enabled.
ZOOKEEPER-737 some 4 letter words may fail with netcat (nc)
ZOOKEEPER-738 zookeeper.jute.h fails to compile with -pedantic
ZOOKEEPER-741 root level create on REST proxy fails
ZOOKEEPER-742 Deallocatng None on writes
ZOOKEEPER-746 learner outputs session id to log in dec (should be hex)
ZOOKEEPER-749 OSGi metadata not included in binary only jar
ZOOKEEPER-750 move maven artifacts into "dist-maven" subdir of the release (package target)
ZOOKEEPER-758 zkpython segfaults on invalid acl with missing key
ZOOKEEPER-763 Deadlock on close w/ zkpython / c client
ZOOKEEPER-764 Observer elected leader due to inconsistent voting view
ZOOKEEPER-766 forrest recipes docs don't mention the lock/queue recipe implementations available in the release
ZOOKEEPER-769 Leader can treat observers as quorum members
ZOOKEEPER-772 zkpython segfaults when watcher from async get children is invoked.
ZOOKEEPER-774 Recipes tests are slightly outdated: they do not compile against JUnit 4.8
ZOOKEEPER-777 setting acl on a non existant node should return no node error
ZOOKEEPER-782 Incorrect C API documentation for Watches
ZOOKEEPER-783 committedLog in ZKDatabase is not properly synchronized
ZOOKEEPER-787 groupId in deployed pom is wrong
ZOOKEEPER-790 Last processed zxid set prematurely while establishing leadership
ZOOKEEPER-792 zkpython memory leak
ZOOKEEPER-794 Callbacks are not invoked when the client is closed
ZOOKEEPER-795 eventThread isn't shutdown after a connection "session expired" event coming
ZOOKEEPER-796 zkServer.sh should support an external PIDFILE variable
ZOOKEEPER-800 zoo_add_auth returns ZOK if zookeeper handle is in ZOO_CLOSED_STATE
ZOOKEEPER-804 c unit tests failing due to "assertion cptr failed"
ZOOKEEPER-813 maven install is broken due to incorrect organisation
ZOOKEEPER-814 monitoring scripts are missing apache license headers
ZOOKEEPER-820 update c unit tests to ensure "zombie" java server processes don't cause failure
ZOOKEEPER-822 Leader election taking a long time to complete
ZOOKEEPER-831 BookKeeper: Throttling improved for reads
ZOOKEEPER-844 handle auth failure in java client
ZOOKEEPER-846 zookeeper client doesn't shut down cleanly on the close call
ZOOKEEPER-854 BookKeeper does not compile due to changes in the ZooKeeper code
ZOOKEEPER-855 clientPortBindAddress should be clientPortAddress
ZOOKEEPER-861 Missing the test SSL certificate used for running junit tests.
ZOOKEEPER-867 ClientTest is failing on hudson - fd cleanup
ZOOKEEPER-870 Zookeeper trunk build broken.
ZOOKEEPER-874 FileTxnSnapLog.restore does not call listener
ZOOKEEPER-880 QuorumCnxManager$SendWorker grows without bounds
ZOOKEEPER-881 ZooKeeperServer.loadData loads database twice
ZOOKEEPER-882 Startup loads last transaction from snapshot
ZOOKEEPER-884 Remove LedgerSequence references from BookKeeper documentation and comments in tests
ZOOKEEPER-888 c-client / zkpython: Double free corruption on node watcher
ZOOKEEPER-893 ZooKeeper high cpu usage when invalid requests
ZOOKEEPER-897 C Client seg faults during close
ZOOKEEPER-898 C Client might not cleanup correctly during close
ZOOKEEPER-902 Fix findbug issue in trunk "Malicious code vulnerability"
ZOOKEEPER-904 super digest is not actually acting as a full superuser
ZOOKEEPER-913 Version parser fails to parse "3.3.2-dev" from build.xml.
ZOOKEEPER-917 Leader election selected incorrect leader
ZOOKEEPER-919 Ephemeral nodes remains in one of ensemble after deliberate SIGKILL
ZOOKEEPER-921 zkPython incorrectly checks for existence of required ACL elements
ZOOKEEPER-937 test -e not available on solaris /bin/sh
ZOOKEEPER-957 zkCleanup.sh doesn't do anything
ZOOKEEPER-958 Flag to turn off autoconsume in hedwig c++ client
ZOOKEEPER-961 Watch recovery after disconnection when connection string contains a prefix
ZOOKEEPER-962 leader/follower coherence issue when follower is receiving a DIFF
ZOOKEEPER-963 Make Forrest work with JDK6
ZOOKEEPER-965 Need a multi-update command to allow multiple znodes to be updated safely
ZOOKEEPER-975 new peer goes in LEADING state even if ensemble is online
ZOOKEEPER-976 ZooKeeper startup script doesn't use JAVA_HOME
ZOOKEEPER-981 Hang in zookeeper_close() in the multi-threaded C client
ZOOKEEPER-983 running zkServer.sh start remotely using ssh hangs
ZOOKEEPER-985 Test BookieRecoveryTest fails on trunk.
ZOOKEEPER-1006 QuorumPeer "Address already in use" -- regression in 3.3.3
ZOOKEEPER-1007 iarchive leak in C client
ZOOKEEPER-1013 zkServer.sh usage message should mention all startup options
ZOOKEEPER-1027 chroot not transparent in zoo_create()
ZOOKEEPER-1028 In python bindings, zookeeper.set2() should return a stat dict but instead returns None
ZOOKEEPER-1033 c client should install includes into INCDIR/zookeeper, not INCDIR/c-client-src
ZOOKEEPER-1034 perl bindings should automatically find the zookeeper c-client headers
ZOOKEEPER-1046 Creating a new sequential node results in a ZNODEEXISTS error
ZOOKEEPER-1049 Session expire/close flooding renders heartbeats to delay significantly
ZOOKEEPER-1051 SIGPIPE in Zookeeper 0.3.* when send'ing after cluster disconnection
ZOOKEEPER-1052 Findbugs warning in QuorumPeer.ResponderThread.run()
ZOOKEEPER-1055 check for duplicate ACLs in addACL() and create()
ZOOKEEPER-1058 fix typo in opToString for getData
ZOOKEEPER-1059 stat command isses on non-existing node causes NPE
ZOOKEEPER-1060 QuorumPeer takes a long time to shutdown
ZOOKEEPER-1061 Zookeeper stop fails if start called twice
ZOOKEEPER-1063 Dubious synchronization in Zookeeper and ClientCnxnSocketNIO classes
ZOOKEEPER-1068 Documentation and default config suggest incorrect location for Zookeeper state
ZOOKEEPER-1069 Calling shutdown() on a QuorumPeer too quickly can lead to a corrupt log
ZOOKEEPER-1073 address a documentation issue in ZOOKEEPER-1030
ZOOKEEPER-1074 zkServer.sh is missing nohup/sleep, which are necessary for remote invocation
ZOOKEEPER-1076 some quorum tests are unnecessarily extending QuorumBase
ZOOKEEPER-1083 Javadoc for WatchedEvent not being generated
ZOOKEEPER-1086 zookeeper test jar has non mavenised dependency.
ZOOKEEPER-1087 ForceSync VM arguement not working when set to "no"
ZOOKEEPER-1088 delQuota does not remove the quota node and subesquent setquota calls for that path will fail
ZOOKEEPER-1090 Race condition while taking snapshot can lead to not restoring data tree correctly
ZOOKEEPER-1091 when the chrootPath of ClientCnxn is not null and the Watches of zooKeeper is not null and the method primeConnection(SelectionKey k) of ClientCnxn Occurred again for some reason ,then the wrong watcher clientPath is sended to server
ZOOKEEPER-1097 Quota is not correctly rehydrated on snapshot reload
ZOOKEEPER-1101 Upload zookeeper-test maven artifacts to maven repository.
ZOOKEEPER-1108 Various bugs in zoo_add_auth in C
ZOOKEEPER-1109 Zookeeper service is down when SyncRequestProcessor meets any exception.
ZOOKEEPER-1111 JMXEnv uses System.err instead of logging
ZOOKEEPER-1119 zkServer stop command incorrectly reading comment lines in zoo.cfg
ZOOKEEPER-1124 Multiop submitted to non-leader always fails due to timeout
ZOOKEEPER-1136 NEW_LEADER should be queued not sent to match the Zab 1.0 protocol on the twiki
ZOOKEEPER-1138 release audit failing for a number of new files
ZOOKEEPER-1139 jenkins is reporting two warnings, fix these
ZOOKEEPER-1140 server shutdown is not stopping threads
ZOOKEEPER-1141 zkpython fails tests under python 2.4
ZOOKEEPER-1142 incorrect stat output
ZOOKEEPER-1144 ZooKeeperServer not starting on leader due to a race condition
ZOOKEEPER-1145 ObserverTest.testObserver fails at particular point after several runs of ant junt.run -Dtestcase
ZOOKEEPER-1146 significant regression in client (c/python) performance
ZOOKEEPER-1152 Exceptions thrown from handleAuthentication can cause buffer corruption issues in NIOServer
ZOOKEEPER-1154 Data inconsistency when the node(s) with the highest zxid is not present at the time of leader election
ZOOKEEPER-1156 Log truncation truncating log too much - can cause data loss
ZOOKEEPER-1165 better eclipse support in tests
ZOOKEEPER-1168 ZooKeeper fails to run with IKVM
ZOOKEEPER-1171 fix build for java 7
ZOOKEEPER-1174 FD leak when network unreachable
ZOOKEEPER-1181 Fix problems with Kerberos TGT renewal
ZOOKEEPER-1185 Send AuthFailed event to client if SASL authentication fails
ZOOKEEPER-1189 For an invalid snapshot file(less than 10bytes size) RandomAccessFile stream is leaking.
ZOOKEEPER-1190 ant package is not including many of the bin scripts in the package (zkServer.sh for example)
ZOOKEEPER-1195 SASL authorizedID being incorrectly set: should use getHostName() rather than getServiceName()
ZOOKEEPER-1203 Zookeeper systest is missing Junit Classes
ZOOKEEPER-1206 Sequential node creation does not use always use digits in node name given certain Locales.
ZOOKEEPER-1212 zkServer.sh stop action is not conformat with LSB para 20.2 Init Script Actions
ZOOKEEPER-1237 ERRORs being logged when queued responses are sent after socket has closed.
ZOOKEEPER-494 zookeeper should install include headers in /usr/local/include/zookeeper
ZOOKEEPER-500 Async methods shouldnt throw exceptions
ZOOKEEPER-631 zkpython's C code could do with a style clean-up
ZOOKEEPER-636 configure.ac has instructions which override the contents of CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS.
ZOOKEEPER-724 Improve junit test integration - log harness information
ZOOKEEPER-733 use netty to handle client connections
ZOOKEEPER-765 Add python example script
ZOOKEEPER-773 Log visualisation
ZOOKEEPER-788 Add server id to message logs
ZOOKEEPER-789 Improve FLE log messages
ZOOKEEPER-797 c client source with AI_ADDRCONFIG cannot be compiled with early glibc
ZOOKEEPER-809 Improved REST Interface
ZOOKEEPER-821 Add ZooKeeper version information to zkpython
ZOOKEEPER-853 Make zookeeper.is_unrecoverable return True or False and not an integer
ZOOKEEPER-862 Hedwig created ledgers with hardcoded Bookkeeper ensemble and quorum size. Make these a server config parameter instead.
ZOOKEEPER-864 Hedwig C++ client improvements
ZOOKEEPER-891 Allow non-numeric version strings
ZOOKEEPER-905 enhance zkServer.sh for easier zookeeper automation-izing
ZOOKEEPER-926 Fork Hadoop common's test-patch.sh and modify for Zookeeper
ZOOKEEPER-977 passing null for path_buffer in zoo_create
ZOOKEEPER-980 allow configuration parameters for log4j.properties
ZOOKEEPER-993 Code improvements
ZOOKEEPER-997 ZkClient ignores command if there are any space in front of it
ZOOKEEPER-1018 The connection permutation in get_addrs uses a weak and inefficient shuffle
ZOOKEEPER-1025 zkCli is overly sensitive to to spaces.
ZOOKEEPER-1030 Increase default for maxClientCnxns
ZOOKEEPER-1094 Small improvements to LeaderElection and Vote classes
ZOOKEEPER-1095 Simple leader election recipe
ZOOKEEPER-1103 In QuorumTest, use the same "for ( .. try { break } catch { } )" pattern in testFollowersStartAfterLeaders as in testSessionMove.
ZOOKEEPER-1104 CLONE - In QuorumTest, use the same "for ( .. try { break } catch { } )" pattern in testFollowersStartAfterLeaders as in testSessionMove.
ZOOKEEPER-1143 quorum send & recv workers are missing thread names
ZOOKEEPER-1153 Deprecate AuthFLE and LE
ZOOKEEPER-1166 Please add a few svn:ignore properties
ZOOKEEPER-1169 Fix compiler (eclipse) warnings in (generated) jute code
ZOOKEEPER-1243 New 4lw for short simple monitoring ldck
ZOOKEEPER-464 Need procedure to garbage collect ledgers
ZOOKEEPER-465 Ledger size in bytes
ZOOKEEPER-546 add "diskless" ensemble support
ZOOKEEPER-712 Bookie recovery
ZOOKEEPER-729 Recursively delete a znode - zkCli.sh rmr /node
ZOOKEEPER-744 Add monitoring four-letter word
ZOOKEEPER-747 Add C# generation to Jute
ZOOKEEPER-775 A large scale pub/sub system
ZOOKEEPER-799 Add tools and recipes for monitoring as a contrib
ZOOKEEPER-808 Web-based Administrative Interface
ZOOKEEPER-859 Native Windows version of C client
ZOOKEEPER-938 Support Kerberos authentication of clients.
ZOOKEEPER-992 MT Native Version of Windows C Client
ZOOKEEPER-999 Create an package integration project
ZOOKEEPER-1012 support distinct JVMFLAGS for zookeeper server in zkServer.sh and zookeeper client in zkCli.sh
ZOOKEEPER-1020 Implement function in C client to determine which host you're currently connected to.
ZOOKEEPER-1107 automating log and snapshot cleaning
ZOOKEEPER-754 numerous misspellings "succesfully"
ZOOKEEPER-1149 users cannot migrate from 3.4->3.3->3.4 server code against a single datadir
ZOOKEEPER-239 ZooKeeper System Tests