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ZooKeeper Monitor Guide

New Metrics System

The feature:New Metrics System has been available since 3.6.0 which provides the abundant metrics to help users monitor the ZooKeeper on the topic: znode, network, disk, quorum, leader election, client, security, failures, watch/session, requestProcessor, and so forth.


All the metrics are included in the ServerMetrics.java.


Alerting with Prometheus



InfluxDB is an open source time series data that is often used to store metrics from Zookeeper. You can download the open source version or create a free account on InfluxDB Cloud. In either case, configure the Apache Zookeeper Telegraf plugin to start collecting and storing metrics from your Zookeeper clusters into your InfluxDB instance. There is also an Apache Zookeeper InfluxDB template that includes the Telegraf configurations and a dashboard to get you set up right away.


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